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Prayer-Series-Altier-2017   2017 Prayer Series by Fr. Robert Altier 12 CD's
A-Parents-Guide   A Parent's Guide: Teaching the Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality Featured on EWTN
restoring-the-church   Abandonment to Divine Providence: Restoring the Church by Fr. Robert Altier (1 CD) 2019
Advent-Family-Traditions-Birth   Advent Family Traditions and The Passion of the Birth of Christ
Angels-Occult   All about Angels and The Harmful Effects of the Occult on the Soul
School-Of-Mary   At the School of Mary: Woman of the Eucharist
Authentic-Change-Secular-World   Authentic Change in a Secular World: Conversion to Christ
Catacombs-Suffering-Faith   Back to the Catacombs: Suffering for the Catholic Faith in a Secular Age
Beatitude-Series   Beatitude Series
Fundamentals   Beauty, Truth, and Goodness: The Fundamentals of Catholicism (DVDs or MP3 CDs)
Fundamentals-CD   Beauty, Truth, Goodness: The Fundamentals of Catholicism by Fr. Robert Altier (MP3 CDs)
Cost-Discipleship   Being Faithfully Catholic: The Cost of Discipleship in a Secular Age
Raising-a-catholic-family   Called to Holiness: Raising a Catholic Family in a Secular Culture
Teachings-Homosexuality-Li   Catholic Church Teachings Regarding Homosexuality and a Local COURAGE Group. Featuring Fr. (Bishop) John LeVoir and Leaving the Lesbian Lifestyle: One Woman's Story
Catholic-Social-Teaching   Catholic Social Teaching (5 episodes) by Fr. Robert Altier 2018 (2 DVDs) $12.00
church-crisis   Church Crisis: Communist & Homosexual Infiltration" homily by Fr. Robert Altier - (1 CD or 1 DVD) 2018
church-in-crisis   Church in Crisis: How to be a Light in the Darkness by Fr. Robert Altier (3 CDs or 3 DVDs)
Combating-Anti-Christian   Combating Anti-Christian Bigotry: Defending Religious Freedom in an Intolerant Age by Fr. Robert Altier
Combating-Culture-Death   Combating the Culture of Death by Building a Civilization of Love
Confession-Eucharis   CPO TV 4 episodes: The Sacrament of Confession - The Holy Eucharist - Moral Relativism - The Cardinal Virtues
Daily-Prayer   Daily Prayer: The Rosary, Divine Office, and Adoration and Mental Prayer/ Contemplative Prayer
Dangers-Sex-Education   Dangers of Sex Education in the Classroom and Sex Education & Moral Formation Experts & Parents speak out
Divine-Mercy-Chaplet-Kueppers   DIVINE MERCY CHAPLET in song, composed by Vicki Kueppers and featuring Pro-Life meditations
Do-You-Believe   Do You Believe Do You Really Believe? Prayer: A Love Affair With God and Top Priority of Life - God
El-Verdadero-Sexualidad   El Verdadero Significado de la Sexualidad Humana
every-saint   Every Saint Has a Past and Every Sinner Has a Future
Faith-Lived-in-Love   Faith Lived In Love: Joy in Encountering Christ in our Daily Lives
Family-Become-What-You-Are   Family: Become What You Are part 1 & 2
Family-Foundation-Faith   Family: The Foundation of Faith
Joy-In-Marriage   Finding Joy in Marriage
Forgiveness   Forgiveness part 1-3
Freemasonry   FREEMASONRY - featuring Mary Therese Helmueller (3 CPO TV episodes) 2012 - Suggested donation: $15.00 for set of 3 CDs or DVDs
Gifts-Fruits-Holy-Spirit   Gifts & Fruits of the Holy Spirit
Gods-Plan-Marriage   God's Plan for the Marriage Covenant: Permanence, Fidelity, Openness to Life 3CD or 3DVD
Great-Saints-Joseph   Great Saints and their Spiritualities. St. Joseph: The Just Man
Great-Saints-Forgiven   Great Saints who were Forgiven
He-Will-Sift-You   He Will Sift You Like Wheat and Apostles of the Latter Times
BTG-Matrimony   Holy Matrimony (3 episodes) by Fr. Robert Altier featured in "Beauty, Truth, Goodness: The Fundamentals of Catholicism" 2015. Suggested donation $10.00 (1 DVD)
Keep-My-Faith-Alive   How Do I Keep My Faith Alive in These Times and The Immaculate Heart of Mary
How-To-Get-To-Heaven   How to Get to Heaven part 1 & 2
Importance-Prayer   Importance of Prayer
In-the-Beginning   In the Beginning... The Prologue of the Gospel of St. John by Fr. Robert Altier (4 CD's) 2014.
In-This-Sign   In This Sign You Will Conquer (IN HOC SIGNO VINCES)
Truth-Conscience   Knowing the Truth & Developing a Well-Formed Conscience
Humility-Christian-Life   Learn from Me for I am Meek and Humble of Heart: Humility in the Christian Life
Lent-Prayer-Fasting-Alms   Lent: Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving and The Christian Meaning of Suffering
Los-Fundamentos   Los Fundamentos del Catolicismo by Padre Alberto Curbelo, SEMV: el Bautismo - La Confesion - La Eucaristia - La Confirmacion - El Matrimonio - El Sacramento del Orden - La Uncion de los Enfermos - Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe - 8 DVD
Marriage-Series-CD   Marriage Series by Fr. Robert Altier
Meditations-Rosary-MP3   Meditations on the Rosary (24 talks - 15 to 30 minutes each) by Fr. Robert Altier 2019 (MP3 CD-Audio)
Mental-Illness   Mental Illness: Coping with Depression & MS - part I & 2.
Natural-Law-BioEthics   Moral Relativism & the Natural Law and The Dignity of the Elderly & End of Life Bio-Ethics
Obedience-Freedom   Obedience: The Path to Authentic Freedom
Our-Hearts-Restless   Our Hearts are Restless Until They Rest in You, O Lord part 1 & 2
Lady-Mount-Carmel   Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Pilgrimage-Guadalupe   Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Guadalupe Retreat Talks: Prayer - Confession, Suffering - Christ the King - The Sacred Heart
Post-Abortion-Syndrome   Post Abortion Syndrome: One Woman's Story with Fr. Robert Altier & Ann Marie Cosgrove
Abstinence-Prom   Practicing Abstinence: The Virtue of Chastity - featuring Fr. Altier and Teens Discuss a Sober, Chaste and Memorable Prom Experience
pray-rosary-with-father-altier   Pray the Most Holy Rosary with Fr. Robert Altier (2 CD's) 2016
Prayer-Busy-People   Prayer for Busy People
prayer-penance-conversion   Prayer, Penance, Conversion: The Urgency of the Fatima Message for Our Time by Fr. Robert Altier (1 CD) 2017
Protecting-Religious-Freedom   Protecting our Religious Freedom featuring Professor Teresa Collett
BTG-Confession   Sacrament of Confession (4 episodes) by Fr. Robert Altier featured in "Beauty, Truth, Goodness: The Fundamentals of Catholicism" 2015 (2 DVD's)
saint-john-of-the-cross   Saint John of the Cross - Love: The Key to Understanding (1 CD)
Seven-Last-Words   Seven Last Words about the Humanity of Christ
Spiritual-Effects-Abortion   Spiritual Effects of Abortion
Spiritual-Warfare   Spiritual Warfare: Our Daily Struggle Against Satan By Fr. Robert Altier
Joseph-Model-Fathers   St. Joseph: Model for Fathers
Teresa-Avila-Intro   St. Teresa of Avila - An introduction to the Life and Teaching of this great Saint and Doctor of the Church by Fr. Robert Altier (5 CD's)
Apostleship-Prayer-Devo   The Apostleship of Prayer and The History & Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Featuring Fr. James Kubicki (2 CPO TV episodes on 1 CD) 2004.
beliefs-teachings-islam   The Beliefs and Teaching of Islam by Fr. Robert Altier and Dan Weiss (3 CD's) 2018
Conquest-Spain-Guadalupe   The Conquest of Spain and Our Lady of Guadalupe with Mary Therese Helmueller - part 1 & 2
courage-to-be-catcholic   The Courage to be Catholic: Imitating the Heroic Virtues of the Saints by Fr. Robert Altier
Dangers-Contraception-Ster   The Dangers of Artificial Contraception & Sterilization and The Beauty of Natural Family Planning
dignity-vocation-human-person   The Dignity and Vocation of the Human Person by Fr. Robert Altier (1CD)
Elderly-End-Of-Life   The Dignity of the Elderly and End of Life Bio-Ethics and Father Altier Answers Tough Questions Regarding the Catholic Faith
Divine-Mercy-Message   The Divine Mercy Message & Devotion - part 1 & 2. Featuring Fr. Seraphim Michalenko & Paul Regan
Doctrine-Devotion-Mary   The Doctrine on the Blessed Virgin Mary and Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary
Doctrine-Communion-Purgatory   The Doctrine on the Communion of Saints and The Doctrine on Purgatory
BTG-Eucharist   The Eucharist (5 episodes) by Fr. Robert Altier featured in "Beauty, Truth, Goodness: The Fundamentals of Catholicism" 2015. (2 DVD's)
Eucharist-Series   The Eucharist series taught by Fr. Robert Altier (6 CDs)
Evils-Pornography   The Evils of Pornography: Destruction of Marriage & Family (2004) and Modesty: A Powerful Fruit of the Holy Spirit
incarnation-2023   The Incarnation: God's Humility, Humanity's Glory by Fr. Robert Altier (3 CD's) 2023
Mystery-Meaning-Suffering   The Mystery & Meaning of Suffering: A Catholic Guide for the Perplexed
passion-cost-of-divine-mercy   The Passion of Christ: The Cost of Divine Mercy by Fr. Robert Altier (3 CDs)
Passion-Jesus-Compassion-Mary   The Passion of Jesus and the Compassion of Mary by Fr. Robert Altier (2017) 3 CDs. Suggested Donation: $12.00
Promise-Miracles-Science   The Promise and Miracles of Science in the Divine Plan by Dr. Theresa Deisher (1 CD or 1 DVD) 2016
Baptism-Confirmation   The Sacrament of Baptism and The Sacrament of Confirmation
Holy-Eucharist   The Sacrament of Holy Eucharist part 1 & 2
Matrimony-Retrouvaille   The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony and Retrouvaille: Help for Hurting Marriages
Holy-Orders-Anointing   The Sacrament of Holy Orders and The Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick
Sacrament-Reconciliation   The Sacrament of Reconciliation part 1 & 2
Sanctity-Motherhood-Father   The Sanctity of Motherhood and The Sanctity of Fatherhood
signs-of-the-times   The Signs of the Times by Fr. Robert Altier
Stations-Cross-Altier   The Stations of the Cross series by Fr. Robert Altier
Theological-Virtues   The Theological Virtues: Faith, Hope and Charity (Love) and The Cardinal (Moral) Virtues: Prudence, Temperance, Fortitude & Justice
True-Devotion-Mary-LDM   True Devotion to Mary St. Louis deMonfort part 1-3
Truth-Compassion-Homosex   Truth & Compassion: The Church's Teaching on Homosexuality
Covenant   What is a Covenant - Mary, Ark of the Covenant - The Priesthood of Jesus by Fr. Robert Altier
What-Is-Euthanasia   What is Euthanasia? featuring Mary Therese Helmueller
why-god-in-his-mercy   Why God In His Mercy Allows Evil: The Divine Call to Repentance, Conversion and Reparation for Sin by Fr. Robert Altier (1CD) 2020

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